Contact a Treasure Coast DUI Attorney

You’ve gotten a DUI and want legal representation. However, you’re worried about the process. Please remember, your lawyer doesn’t sit in judgement of you. An attorney’s job is to represent you. Under our laws, everyone is entitled to legal representation. Here’s a simple guide to choosing and talking to a Treasure Coast DUI attorney.

When to Hire a Treasure Coast DUI Attorney

Hire an attorney if:

  • You have multiple DUI cases
  • Your DUI resulted in an injury or death
  • A DUI charge affects your employment
  • Your blood alcohol limit more than double the state limit
  • A DUI charge prevents you from getting a professional license
  • You do not know or understand DUI laws

How to Find a Good Treasure Coast DUI Attorney

You are taking the first step by reading about different attorneys. It is very important that you be comfortable and confident in your attorney. Pick someone who is qualified AND makes you comfortable. Contact the Florida State Bar to ensure your lawyer is in good standing and has the relevant experience Ask other attorneys, friends, and family for recommendations.Check online reviews.

What to Ask Your Attorney

  • What is the difference between plea bargaining and sentence bargaining?
  • How can either help my case?
  • What if an injury or death occurred?
  • Should I plead guilty?
  • What are possible penalties?

What Can an Attorney Do for You

Your lawyer’s job is to represent you. S/he will look for errors by law enforcement, legal loopholes, and extenuating circumstances. Their job is to make a bad situation as good as it can be. Having a lawyer will:

  • Give you someone who has understanding of the law to invest in your case
  • Give you someone to guide you through the complicated legal system
  • Work to get charges reduced
  • Give you legal guidance through both the criminal and civil system
  • Give you your best chance to avoid severe and expensive penalties

Brian H Mallonee

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