Prostitution Sting Defense Lawyer

Attempted murder with firearm-hung jury

State v. K.T.; Case No. 562002CF002436 (Saint Lucie County)

Arresting Agency: Fort Pierce Police Department

Case Summary: Our client was looking at some serious time behind bars. The offer was 30 years initially, and there was no way we were going to cave in to that. Especially when the alleged victim of this shooting had a violent and checkered past that was easily exploitable. We cross-examined the alleged victim for half a day, before he eventually broke down and had to ask for a bathroom break. When he came back we peppered him with even more questions. The fella did actually get shot in the ear and we didn’t have any other suspects to point to, but the State case did in fact rely upon this witness testimony. The jury was out for hours.

Result: Hung jury; our client took a deal for a reduced charge. He agreed to serve three years DOC, followed by two years probation, with credit for time already served.

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