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Battery charges dropped

State v. M.R. ; Case No. 562011CF001279 (Saint Lucie County)

Count 1 – Battery
Count 2 – Battery on Elderly Person

Arresting Agency: Port Saint Lucie Police Department.

Case Summary: Our client was falsely accused of hitting his grandfather. There was an argument in the home over something trivial, and our client grandfather tripped over a pile of clothes. He got angry and called the police, telling them that his grandson had pushed him and struck him. All of this was a lie, but because our client left the house to get away from an escalating situation, he never got the chance to tell his side of the story. Without doing a thorough investigation, the police falsely arrested our client. We called for a meeting with the prosecutor on the case, which was granted immediately. We pointed out the serious flaws in its case, including a complete lack of physical corroboration and a very persuasive witness that saw the whole thing happen. A witness that the police never even bothered to track down.

Result: The state filed a “No Information” indicating that they would not proceed with a prosecution in the case.

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