Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Woman – Not Guilty


State v. D.W.; Case No. 562001CF000588 (St. Lucie County)


Violent and Gun Crimes

Arresting Agency

St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office


Not Guilty

Our client was arrested and accused of Aggravated Battery on his pregnant girlfriend.  At trial, the state put a very reluctant alleged victim on the stand to try and force her to testify about this incident that she had previously phoned in to the police. She ended up recanting her testimony and completely frustrating the prosecutor to his wits end. Still, the state persisted with its case and argued that she was only trying to protect the father of her baby .The Defense argued that she overreacted in calling the police on the night of their argument and that our client only acted in self-defense.  The jury returned with a verdict of NOT GUILTY.