Drug Possession Charges Dropped After Motion to Suppress


State v. C.W.; Case No. 562005MM000775 (St. Lucie County)


Drug and Narcotics Charges

Arresting Agency

Florida Highway Patrol


Charges Dropped

Our client was pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrolman in St. Lucie County. After issuing our client a speeding ticket, the trooper noticed some loose tobacco crumbs on our client’s lap. The trooper requested that our client consent to a search, to which he responded, “I have a dentist appointment at two o’clock”. The trooper continued to insist that he be given consent to search the client’s vehicle, to which our client finally said “go ahead”. You guessed it, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were recovered by the trooper and our client was placed under arrest. The defense filed a Motion to Suppress arguing that the consent was involuntary.  After reviewing our Motion, the State filed a Nolle Prosequi and charges were dropped.