Possession of Marijuana Charges Dropped


State v. Q.J.; Case No. 562007MM004090 (St. Lucie County)


Drug and Narcotics Charges

Arresting Agency

St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office


Charges Dropped

Our client was followed by the police on the north side of town in Fort Pierce. Eventually, our client got tired of being followed and harassed for no reason. So he stopped his car, got out and put his hands in the air while stating, “What do you want?” The police officer stated that he felt threatened, so he got out of his car and handcuffed our client. After handcuffing our client, the police searched my client’s vehicle and found marijuana and smoking paraphernalia, i.e., a “roach." Again, another example of a citizen being harassed by a police officer who has nothing better to do. And another example of the Law Office of Brian H. Mallonee defending the Constitution and defending a person’s right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.  The defense researched, drafted, and filed a Motion to Suppress. We argued in the motion that handcuffing our client was a premature detention and a violation of our client's right to be free from an illegal seizure by the police. The Court agreed with our arguments and all charges were dropped.