Possession of Marijuana & DWLS | Charges Dropped


State v. J.K.; Case No. 562013CF003597 (St. Lucie County)


Drug and Narcotics Charges

Arresting Agency

Fort Pierce Police Department


Case Dismissed

Our client was pulled over for running a red light which he insisted he did not run. Of course the officer claimed he did. Our client was charged with possession of marijuana and driving while license suspended (DWLS). We filed a Motion to Suppress. The officer testified that my client was “just past the white line” when the light turned red. We cited Florida Statute that makes it clear that the light must be red when the vehicle ‘enters the intersection’. An important distinction. The State went into the motion very certain of its position, “revoking the original offer” before the suppression hearing. Our client stood his ground.  The Judge heard our arguments, granted the Motion, and the case was dismissed.