Sexual Battery Accusation – Case Dismissed


State v. M.S; Case No. 562012CF000206 (St. Lucie County)


Computer and Sex Crimes

Arresting Agency

Port St. Lucie Police Department.


Case Dismissed

Our client’s family came to our office after M.S. had been arrested and given ‘no bond’ by the judge sitting at first appearance. We immediately drafted and set a bond hearing that was heard within a few days of our office being hired. We were able to secure a $100,000 bond, which is not inconsistent with the common practice amongst our circuit judges on a allegation of this magnitude. We then decided to take a proactive approach to our defense. Instead of waiting around for the state to file charges and send us discovery, we initiated an investigation into the motives of the alleged victim’s mother. It turned out there was a very sinister motive for the alleged victim’s mother to fabricate these allegations, and her ability to manipulate her daughter was well-known amongst the folks who knew her best. We also secured a polygraph test which our client passed without any doubt. We forwarded the results of our comprehensive investigation to the prosecutor. We even went so far as to offer up our client to the state’s polygraph expert.  After reviewing our investigation, the State filed a No Information deciding not to formally charge our client.