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Choosing a DUI Attorney

Getting a DUI is a serious charge. It can affect you for the rest of your life, or the next 70 years. When choosing a DUI attorney, you need the best representation to navigate the court system. Attorney Brian Mallonee has a proven track record of defending clients who need an aggressive attorney on their side. But don’t just take his word for it.

Choosing a DUI Attorney

One way to find the right attorney is to contact the Florida State Bar. Make sure your lawyer is in good standing. They also need relevant experience. Another way is to ask other attorneys for recommendations. Ask friends and family. Check out online reviews and websites.

Before settling on one attorney, ask

  • How many DUI cases have you defended?
  • How well do you know Florida law and DUI law?
  • What percentage of the practice is devoted to DUI/DWI?
  • How much of my case will you personally handle?


The initial consultation is generally free. When choosing a DUI attorney, you should ask about

  • Retainers (a down payment toward your final bill)
  • If your case will be billed on a flat fee or by the hour
  • If your attorney offers payment options
  • Other expenses such as court fees
  • What is included in the legal fees

What to Expect from Brian Mallonee

  • A free initial consultation with Brian Mallonee
  • Personalized attention including answering all your questions, returning phone calls, and letting you know what the next steps
  • Reasonable fees – I will tell you in advance how you will be charged
  • Years of experience as a DUI/DWI attorney in Florida and along the Treasure Coast
    Aggressive representation

Questions Brian Mallonee can Answer

What is the difference between plea bargaining and sentence bargaining?

  • How will bargaining help my case?
  • What are possible penalties?
  • Should I plead guilty?
  • What if an injury or death occurred?

What to Bring to the First Meeting

All paperwork that includes charges against you

  • Your next court date
  • Bail papers
  • Police report
  • All other paperwork you have received
  • Names of all people involved in your case including witnesses

About Brian Mallonee

If you need of a DUI attorney in Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie, don’t settle for the cheapest guy in town. The law office of Brian H Mallonee is dedicated to successfully representing every client at the highest level. With an extensive history of winning difficult cases, Brian Mallonee is the right person for your difficult case. Rest assured one of the most aggressive, distinguished defense attorneys in Florida in handling your case. Contact Port St Lucie criminal lawyer Brian Mallonee at (772) 464-1991 or online, and take your first step towards a successful resolution to your criminal matter.

Brian Mallonee is a Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving St Lucie, Indian River, Martin, and Okeechobee Counties