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DUI – motion to suppress granted – charges dropped

State v. J.A. ; 2010-CT-209 (St. Lucie County)

Arresting Agency: St Lucie County

Case Summary: “Our client was facing his 2nd DUI and a Driving While License Suspended charge. The State’s offer was 90 days in jail, followed by probation and a 5 year drivers license suspension. You might say there was a lot at stake here. The officer testified at the DMV hearing that he pulled our client over because he swerved outside of the lane markers on two separate occasions, not endangering any other traffic. The defense hired an investigator to complete a detailed poster board size diagram of the scene, with all lane markers accurately depicted. We argued a motion to suppress the traffic stop in front of Judge Barnes.

Result: Motion to Suppress granted and Charges Dropped.

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