Prostitution Sting Defense Lawyer

Felony battery charge dismissed-probation reinstated

State vs. J.A; 2009-CF-376 (Indian River County); 2008-CF-223 (VOP)

Arresting Agency: Indian River County Sheriffs Office

Case Summary: “Our client, who was already on felony probation and who was sitting in jail with no bond when our office was hired, was charged with starting a fight with his wife that according to her turned into him choking her, a felony in Florida. The Defense conducted a swift, yet thorough investigation in an effort to discredit the “victim” and portray her as a disgruntled woman trying to gain leverage in future divorce proceedings, which is exactly what she was trying to accomplish. The defense drafted and filed a persuasive Motion to Set Bond, secured a hearing within days of being hired by the client’s family, initiated negotiations with the State and informed them of the results of its investigation.”

Result: “The State elected not to file formal charges on the new felony, probation was reinstated, and our client was released from custody.”

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