Hiring the Right Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer for You

June 1, 2020

Finding the Right Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

How to Hire the Right Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer for you

If you are under investigation by the federal government or have been charged with a federal crime, you already know that you need a lawyer. Not only do you need a lawyer, you need the right federal criminal defense attorney for you. Hiring a lawyer can take time, so be patient. You do not necessarily need to hire the very first lawyer that returns your phone call. It is an important decision, one that could affect the outcome of your case. Take your time and do your research.
Finding the right kind of lawyer
The first thing you want to look for in a lawyer is one that is board certified in criminal trial law, and one that regularly practices in federal court. You do not want to hire an attorney that is only in federal court once a year. You want a reputable federal criminal defense lawyer that has extensive experience in the courtroom. It is important that you ask about their federal trial experience. You are going to need someone one is willing to devote the necessary time and attention to handling your federal case, as they are often more complex.
Hiring a good communicator
You want to hire a lawyer with exceptional communication skills. Your lawyer is going to spend a lot of time communicating with you. They will be talking to you about the law, the facts of your case, and answering the many questions you will have. Just as importantly, they will be communicating with the government and presenting your side of the case. You want someone that you feel will be representing your defense properly. Lawyers are professional communicators. Evaluate how well they explain things to you.
The Almighty Dollar
Good lawyers are expensive. Experienced, reputable and successful attorneys can be even more costly. But nothing is more expensive than hiring a cheap lawyer.
Trust your instincts
Listen to your gut. When charged with a federal crime, having an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who can properly represent you in court is essential. You need to ask yourself if the lawyer you are consulting with is that person. When all the information has been distilled, you may be left with two lawyers who are equally qualified on paper. When this happens, your instincts should carry the day. If both lawyers meet all your objective criteria, you will seldom err by following your instincts.
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