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Motion to supress granted – charges dropped

State v. R.L. ,  Case No. 2007-MM-5776(St Lucie County)

Arresting Agency: Fort Pierce Police Department.

Case Summary: Our client was driving on the north side of Fort Pierce, what the police like to call a “high crime area”. Some police officers believe that they can do whatever they want to people as long as it’s in a high crime area. Here, the officer pulled my client over because he picked up what the officer believed to be a “woman of the night”. The problem for the officer is that we go over every detail of every arrest with a fine-tooth comb. Although the officer’s hunch may have been a good one, a police officer’s mere suspicion is insufficient to conduct an investigatory stop of a citizen in Florida. The officer needed to articulate a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity based on facts. The defense filed and argued a motion to suppress the traffic stop in front of St. Lucie county Judge Phil Yacucci.

Result: Motion to Suppress Granted. Charges dropped.
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