Prostitution Sting Defense Lawyer

New charges dropped – probation reinstated

State v. C.D.; Case No. 2008-MM-2840; 2008-MM-3148; 2008-CT-1866

Arresting Agency: Port St. Lucie Police Department

Case Summary: “Our client came to us with a number of problems. He had been arrested on two separate matters while he was still on probation for a DUI. The most serious of the new allegation involved the alleged vandalism of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s vehicle. The police made an arrest based on the eyewitness account of a vehicle that drove away from the scene of the crime. Turns out my client didn’t own that kind of vehicle. After conducting an independent investigation on the true owner of the vehicle, we submitted our findings to the State in an effort to convince them that they had the wrong man. Next, our client was charged with a Battery on his girlfriend. The client’s girlfriend initiated contact with our office and told us the whole thing was a misunderstanding. We drafted an Affidavit for her to request that the charges be dropped. Finally, we engaged in multiple discussions with the State with respect to all of the pending charges.”

Result: “Felony was dropped, misdemeanor was dropped, and our client was reinstated to probation with all the original terms and conditions.”

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