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Not guilty on firearm charge – trial by jury

State v. S.W.; Case No. 2001-CF-2079(St Lucie County)

Arresting Agency: Port St. Lucie Police Department

Case Summary: “My client was charged with brandishing his firearm in an unlawful and threatening manner, carrying a mandatory minimum prison sentence if convicted. The facts were undisputed at the trial. My client ran a stop sign in a residential neighborhood. A resident of the neighborhood got upset by this, ran down to the street and kicked my client’s vehicle as he was driving past the man’s driveway. My client got out of the vehicle with his 9mm glock pointed at the ground. The defense argued that my client did not use the gun in a threatening manner and he was only holding the weapon to make sure he wasn’t attacked again. The prosecution tried to paint my client as a reckless, violent man.”

Result: “Not Guilty.”

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