Criminal Law Areas of Focus

We represent those accused of DUI or any Criminal Offense in Federal or State Courts all throughout Florida, while most people hire us after they've been arrested in Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Stuart, and Okeechobee, Florida.

DUI & Criminal Traffic

We can help you fight your dui charges. I represent those being charged with both misdemeanor and felony dui. I also handle all criminal traffic charges.

Child Pornography

These allegations can be life altering and must be handled by a lawyer who knows all of the nuances of defending these very complex accusations. From illegal searches and sentencing guidelines that are grossly unfair, the issues that arise in these cases need to be handled by a specialist.


A different set of rules and procedures are at work in these kinds of cases; we know them well and can usually find a way to keep these situations from permanently ruining the young person's future.

Federal Crimes

We've been practicing in federal court for more than 15 years now, and can handle cases from any federal jurisdiction in the country.

Violent & Gun Crimes

These situations can get serious -- attempted murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, possession of firearm by a convicted felon, battery, and domestic violence being the most common charges that we always vigorously defend.


Retail theft, grand theft, dealing in stolen property, burglary, and fraud cases make up the majority of cases in this category. I handle these kinds of matters and often find a way to avoid jail time for the accused.

Post-Conviction Relief

There are a number of potential post conviction options available in Federal Court after a person is convicted; in Florida state courts, the "3.850 motion" is available, most often employed if filed within two years of the date of the final judgement.

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Brian Mallonee has successfully represented hundreds of good people charged with DUI for more than 20 years. Download his DUI Survival Guide if you want more information on what you might expect while being prosecuted for a DUI in Florida.
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