Prostitution Sting Defense Lawyer

Probation violation dismissed

State v. R.C. Case Nos. 2000-CF-1130A (VOP) (St Lucie County),  2000-CF-734A (VOP),  2000-CF-383A (VOP), 2000-CF-791A (VOP)

Arresting Agency: St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office

Case Summary: “Our client was charged with violating his probation for a dirty urine that came back positive for opiates. He was arrested and incarcerated without being given a bond. The positive reading came back for 128ng (nanograms) and the cutoff was 75ng. After consulting with a number of experts in the field of toxicology, we learned that the most commonly used cutoff number was 300ng, not 75ng. Our client was arrested and incarcerated with no bond on the violation. I was able to meet with the prosecutor and show him our findings and research on fair cutoff levels for opiates.”

Result: “VOP Warrant Dismissed”

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