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Senior Citizens and DUIs in Florida

Why Senior Citizens May be at Risk for a DUI in Florida

March 4, 2020
DUI and the Elderly The criminal justice system uniquely impacts our large and growing population of senior citizens. Florida ranks amongst the top in the nation with more than 20% of its population 65 years and older. Due to population aging, elderly drivers represent an increasing proportion of our drivers. As “Baby Boomers” are retiring and enjoying the perks that....
Pyrrhic victory

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

December 27, 2019
Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You After experiencing being arrested, most people find themselves in a frightened or panicked state. It is a trying time to make important decisions, but it is imperative that you do your best to remain calm and contact a criminal defense attorney before anything takes place in your case. No matter the reason....
Domestic Violence and Battery Attorney Florida

Fort Pierce/ Port St. Lucie Domestic Violence & Battery Attorney

December 18, 2019
Have you been arrested or accused of domestic abuse? When people hear the phrases Domestic Violence or Domestic Battery they tend to imagine a relationship with constant mental and physical abuse. In reality, it takes very little to be arrested for a domestic battery offense. A small argument can quickly escalate to a domestic abuse situation. Although domestic violence cases....
Defending DUI Cases in Florida

Florida Highway Patrol DUI Case- Charges Dropped

September 24, 2019
Florida Highway Patrol DUI – Charges Dropped Our client was pulled over for a myriad of reasons, none of which amount to a traffic infraction. The Officer wrote in his report that “the driver changed lanes in a very slow manner, as if he were drifting the vehicle began to weave again touching the left and right lane marker with....
Motion to Suppress

DUI – Charges Dropped after Motion to Suppress – Ft Pierce

September 16, 2019
Fort Pierce DUI – Charges Dropped after Motion to Suppress Our client was pulled over based on the police officer’s ‘visual estimate’ that our client was exceeding the speed limit. After digging into the particular officer’s personnel file and discovering that he wasn’t qualified to give a visual estimate of speed, we filed a suppression motion. The prosecutor wisely dropped....
Leaving the scene of an accident

Leaving the Scene of an Accident – Charges Dropped

July 19, 2019
Leaving the Scene of an Accident – Charges Dropped in Saint Lucie County “Fender Bender” Our client was accused of leaving the scene and clipping another vehicle. He said it didn’t happen. We photographed and measured all of the distances where damage was observed on the two vehicles. Guess what? They didn’t match up. We demonstrated this to the prosecutor,....