Possession of Marijuana (232 grams) | Charges Dropped


State v. T.S.; Case No. 482006CF001494 (Martin County)


Drug and Narcotics Charges

Arresting Agency

Martin County Sheriffs Office


Case Dismissed

Our client was sitting in the driver side of a vehicle with a friend in a parking lot of a local drinking establishment. Two narcotics detectives in plain clothes were walking around the parking lot looking for suspicious activity. They walked up to the vehicle and witnessed the passenger throw cocaine down. The police immediately open up the car door and arrest both occupants of the vehicle. A search incident to the arrests revealed 232 grams of marijuana in the middle console of our client’s vehicle. Our client made no statements to the police with respect to ownership of the marijuana. This was a smart move. Why? Because without any independent proof of our client’s knowledge that the marijuana was in fact present in the vehicle, the prosecution was going to have a difficult time proving that our client had any connection to the marijuana. Lengthy discussions with the assistant state attorney were initiated the week after we were hired.  As a result of our negotiations with the State all charges were dropped.